The Bot-Net (work)

The Botnet is a combination of Bots that all work together to receive a basic income in Solidar, send Solidar to other users and increase the user experience of our Cryptocurrency. It lets you send Solidar coins instantly to Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Discord and VKontakte (and a wordpress plugin is also available to pay with the bot online). All you need is an account for the apps and a chat with our Bots. Here the commands will be summarized. While the Facebook messenger bot supports some commands in other languages most of the bots use English and here we will focus on the English commands.

Primary bots are bots you can use to receive a basic income and send Solidar to other Bots.

Primary bots are the Facebook bot, the VKontakte bot and the Telegram bot..


/info - type "info" for information on the bot commands.

/join - type "join" to join our basic income project. Check your balance each month to receive 10 SDR UBI.

/balance - type "balance" to check your balance. The balance reduces every 10 minutes a little to pay for the UBI.

/send - type "send" to send Solidar to other FB or VK participants. Example: send 324d35ef3786 2

/withdraw - you can withdraw Solidar to a Blockchain Address. Example: withdraw 12353244fFoOsESS35619 2

/twitter - you can send Solidar to a twitter name. Example: twitter @WINC_ev 2

/discord - you can send Solidar to a registered discord account (DM /uid to the discord bot). Example discord 1234 2

/telegram - you can connect your telegram ID to your FB/VK account and use the account with the telegram bot.

/myname - you can choose a name where other FB/VK users can send Soldiar to. Example: send @Eve 2

/deposit - you can deposit Soldiar to your FB account (function suspended at the moment).

Secondary bots are bots that can be used to donate or pay for services. They won't let you receive an UBI.

Secondary bots are the Twitter bot and the Discord bot (Invite Link). 


UPCOMMING: Twitter bot:

The Twitter bot distinguishes between public tweets and Direct Messages (DM).

Public: Send a tweet to @SolidarTip with the recipient and the amount. Example: @SolidarTip @WINC_ev 2

DM: /balance /send /withdraw - description above.


Discord bot:

Like the Twitter bot the Discord bot also distinguishes between server and DM chat rooms.


/help - Additional information on the bot.

/donate - Donate Solidar to the Chat room owner. Example: /donate 2


/help  - Additional information on the private commands.

/balance - Check your Discord Solidar balance.

/withdraw - Withdraw Solidar from your Discord account to an Exchange or storage address.

/discord - Send Solidar to another Discords user ID. Example /discord 123456789123456789 2

/send - Send Solidar from your Dirscord user to a FB/VK account ID.