10 Mar 16 Buy, sell and connect with #Worldleadcurrency  @MoBUinet.com. Set up your account to start your own shop or to buy fancy things with digital money. Have fun.


03 Mar 16 We have a new activity. WLC - SFA - support your favorite artist. We list your favorite Band/ Initiative or Artist to receive donations in WLC.

Simple Proof Of Stake.

09 Feb 16 Scince the hashrate crashed at the beginning of the year, we are looking into a possibility to secure the Worldleadcurrency by another method - known as proof of stake.

WLC verify is online!

WLC verify the WINC portal to verify your personal id via passport is online. If you like to join please visit verify.winc-ev.com The payout to the partner organizations is halted and the new method will now be the standard to join. As mentioned the verification need to be renewed every 2 years.

Youtube channel

23 Oct 15 The WINC association has a youtube channel now where german/english wallet and backgrundinformations will be published.

Partner organization #2

23 Oct 15 The basic income initiative from Cologne/Germany is our second partner Organization for testing WLC-donation system.


20 Oct 15 The WINC association is planning to take over the distribution of WLCs in Rhein-Sieg Kreis/Germany introducing a Database where everyone can get verified and manage its WLC address where the basic income will float to. Everybody will get a verificationnumber that is by chance a unique identifier and is a checksum of the personal number on the identification card. This guarantees that no personal data needs to be stored in clear text. Every 2 years the verification process (personal or by videochat hast to renewed).

New Mining Pool

24 Sep 15 For all Bitcoin miners out there, a new bitcoin mining pool for #WLC is online at: http://superninjapool.tk/

WorldLeadCurrency won voting

24 Sep 15 WorldLeadCurrency has won the voting period on c-cex.com. If you do not have an account at c-cex create one, its easy and customer friendly.

First partner

22 Sep 15 The basic income initiative from Bonn/Germany is our first partner Organization for testing WLC-donation system. Interested in Bonn citizens that want to establish a basic income.

WLC on c-cex.com

07 Sep 15 Hello World,

#Worldleadcurrency is now available for voting on C-Cex.com. Every voice counts, thank you!

Android Wallet

31 Aug 15 Now there is a Wallet available for Android phones. Feel free to check it out. Owner of older phones please consider the App is memory intensive and can not be used if your phone has low memory availability (F. e. Jolla Phone or Samsung Galaxy S2). Were on it to fix the issue so please stay tuned.

Different Monetary Systems

Block explorer online

03 Jul 15 Thanks to pollforall from the bitcointalk.org forum a block explorer for WLC is now online.


1. The balances are calculated without demurrage - that means they are lower than shown.

2. The decimal point is not correct. It should be 8 digits to the left.

Both issues are intended be fixed.

Solikon 2015

19 Jun 15 In september there will be a big confence in berlin for solidly economy (www.solikon2015.org). We will try to organize a workshop for beginners there to introduce WLC and the bitcoin technology to the solidly community.

- Update: the host was not able to give us a room, so there was no participation from WINC - maybe next year?

This version is obsolete

12 Jun 15 Hello world, the warning above occurs some times when using the "getinfo" argument for the Deamon. The warning has no consequences for your client. We are about to fix it. This block entry will be updated when finished.

- Update: Problem fixed in sourcecode and wallet.

Connection issue

11 May 15 A new DNS-seeder has been added. So for everybody that experienced connection problems pease download the fixed wallet and install it.

Registration of WINC e. V.

26 Mar 15 After a restart of the WLC-Chain introducing lower security costs, the long awaited conformation has arrived with the post that Winc e.V. is now a registered association. The assocciation is taking over the administration and coordinates the marketing, the #WLC payout and the future sourcecode updates.