WINC e.V. administrator of Solidar


To supply communities with p2peer cryptographic assets WINC e.V. has developed the WolrdLeadCurrency (WLC) voucher-system.


These vouchers are payed to communities all over the world, to help people spread  digital cryptographic assets as far as possible.


WLC vouchers are comparable to Bitcoins, but as they are designed as vouchers there is no need for additional regulations. This makes it much easier for merchants and banks to handle WLC-payments.


To guarantee a stable monthly payout to the communities every 10 minutes a very small percentage of WLC's in your account is returned to the WLC-found.


This system, which is known as demurrage, let money circulate faster creating wealth for the common people, a basic income for communities and increase sales for participating merchants.

Money belongs to the people, so we developed the WLC voucher-system.